• ‘Health depends on being in harmony with our souls’Dr Edward Bach
  • ‘It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver’Mahatma Ghandi
  • ‘Health is not simply the absence of sickness’Hannah Green

Our Philosophy

Finding a balance in one’s life is essential to healthy living. What we put inside and on the outside of our bodies will have an effect on our general health. This is why we believe that the essence of a good life starts with the food we eat and anything that touches our skin comes right after. What more we believe in being ethical towards the environment, nature and all creations.  This is what Shanti is all about.

Our Mission Statement

We Are what We Eat. Thus we strive to source out only the best foods for health.  Our knowledge is something we proudly share with others, teaching others the importance of their wellbeing through all things natural, from the food on your plates to the creams in your bathroom cabinets.


Opening Hours:

                                 Mornings             and            Evenings

Monday:           08.30hrs  - 13.00hrs           16.00hrs - 19.00hrs

Tuesday:          08.30hrs - 13.00hrs            16.00hrs - 19.00hrs

Wednesday:  08.30hrs - 1300hrs             1600hrs - 1900hrs

Thursday:       08.30hrs - 13.00hrs            16.00hrs - 19.00hrs

Friday:             08.30hrs - 13.00hrs             16.00hrs - 19.00hrs

Saturday:       08.30hrs - 13.00hrs             Closed

Our Services

To complement our retail section we have a clinic where a number of therapists offer different treatments, working holistically for a better, healthier you. Complementary therapies can boost the immune system, help eliminate toxins, relieve pain, and reduce stress and tension.

 • Hot Stone Massage

• Lymph Drainage massage therapy

• Tuina massage therapy

• Hair Removal using Caramel

• Dead Sea Spa Magik Facial

Akamuti Facials (anti aging, problem skin etc)

• Reiki

Weight Loss and Wellbeing

Individual sessions by our qualified therapist will help you reach your goal. Each programme is created with you in mind, so that you won’t miss out on important meals because of your lifestyle. 

Malta health shops

Our Brands

We stock various good brands avoiding the use of harmful chemicals and anything added unnecessarily. We aim for wholefoods avoiding processed foods as much as possible. Beauty is something we cherish and so brands are chosen with care. We love our environment thus the home detergents are not harmful to either you or the environment.

Some of the Brands you can find at Shanti:

Akamuti  Biona  Big Oz  Clearspring Clipper Damhert Dove’s Farm Ella’s Kitchen Vitabiotics Galbusera Jordans  Kallo  Kelklin Meridian Organix  Oskri  Organic India  Probios Schar Suma Co-Op  Tropical Wholefoods Yogi   Ultimate Nutrition Bach Baby Boo Dead Sea Spa Magik  Earth Friendly Baby  Natural Cool Kids Natracare Ransom  Weleda  Ecozone    Ecover  Arcopharma A Vogel  Bee Health  Comvita  Health Aid Higher Nature  Lamberts  Naturando  Olimp PHD Quest  Vega