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  • 02/03/2017

 PURIPHY: A new product on the market to help Alkalize your body.

PuripHy Phorever of Robert O. Young is a bottled water purifier. With just a few drops puripHy acts as an antioxidant. Furthermore, puripHy is an oxygen catalyst, helping your blood absorb more oxygen from the water you drink. This is achieved when puripHy optimizes the water by decreasing hydrogen ions and increasing hydroxyl ions.

PuripHy is a liquid combination of sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate and potassium hydroxide. PuripHy can be added to liquids to help reduce dietary acids in the stomach and small and large intestine. PuripHy also helps buffer the stomach acids resulting from hydrochloric acid which can lead to acid reflux or heartburn.It helps protect the alkaline environment of the alimentary canal, from dietary acids, especially in the small intestine and the delicate intestinal villi.



Ingredients: Deionised water, potassium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, potassium hydroxide.


USE:  Add 6 drops of PuripHy per litre of water.

Enjoy the benefits of alkaline water wherever you are with just a few drops of PuripHy without altering its taste. You can also alkalize other beverages such as coffee and tea.

·        It helps improve the hydration power of water.

·        Its antioxidant properties contribute to the neutralization of free radicals in the body.

·        It helps preserve youth and elasticity of the skin thanks to its anti-aging effect.

·        Increases nutrients absorption.


How does PuripHy works?

You can alkalize the water you drink every day, with PuripHy. With just a few drops, it will increase the pHof water from 8 to 9. Long term use facilitates the removal and neutralization of toxic acids in the body, while increases the hydrating power of water. It also helps to buffer the stomach acids resulting from digestion which can lead to acid reflux and heartburn.

Its highly concentrated formula is the most advanced on the market. It is so powerful that only requires 5-8 drops to alkalize 1 litre of water (instead of 10-20 drops required by other products). This implies great economic savings by both its concentration and its long duration.

  • 03/04/2017
  • 02/03/2017

 Alkalize your body with PHOUR SALTS  from Alkalinecare

How do PHOUR Salts work?

PHOUR Salts is a unique combination of four powerful carbonated salts (sodium bicarbonate, magnesium carbonate, potassium bicarbonate and calcium bicarbonate), which helps maintain the alkaline design of the human body, plants and other living organisms.

When lifestyle and diet create more acidification than the body can neutralize, it can cause great stress to our health. The body must maintain the pH of the cells and fluids to 7,365 and will do whatever is necessary to keep the balance. The process of constant acid neutralization produces high stress in the body.

Salts PHOUR help human organism to regain its balance. It gives the body exactly what it needs to increase the levels of the most important alkaline minerals and provide significant results that improve health and body well-being. The taking of these alkalizing minerals allows us to discover the potential benefits of an alkaline diet for the body. 

These salts are naturally present in all body fluids.

Usually we have a shortage of these salts and in many cases the body is saturated with toxins. When this happens, it is impossible for the body to function normally. This alkalizing formula can aid with the reduction of acidity in the lymphatic, circulatory, and gastro-intestinal systems, facilitating its recovery and vitalization.


Aids immediate remineralisation of the body thanks to the replenishment of the 4 main natural carbonated salts (sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium), in the right proportion. Thanks to its highly bioavailable formula:

·        Helps the remineralization of the body, helping your muscles, bones and joints stay youthful.

·        Boosts energy, tone and vitality.

·        Improves digestion.

·        Enhances athletic performance.


PHOUR Salts can be used daily to alkalize any food or drink. Other uses include baking, tooth scrub, mouth wash, deoderizer, and as a personal care product.


How do I take it?

Take 1 to 3 scoops (meter included in the package) a day (6-18g), diluted in a glass of water (250ml).


Available both as a tin and in a box of sachets.

  • 27/08/2016

Black Mud Soap

 Made from 100% Dead Sea Mud, a natural alternative for sensitive skin, Black Mud Soap is fragrance-free and can be used on the face and body. Suitable for use on problem skin intolerant to conventional soap, the natural mud balances skin pH and leaves your skin clean and revitalised.