• ‘Health depends on being in harmony with our souls’Dr Edward Bach
  • ‘It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver’Mahatma Ghandi
  • ‘Health is not simply the absence of sickness’Hannah Green

Natural For Home Use Means:

All that we need is provided to us by nature. We   believe in being one with nature, and thus we do not need the use of anything synthetic or artificial. 

  • No harsh chemicals or substances that will do us or the environment harm
  • Ingredients that are all natural and thus biodegradable

Malta organic

Natural Skin Care Means:

  • Products that are 100% natural meaning ingredients are plant derived
  • No petroleum-derived ingredients
  • No synthetic chemicals, preservatives or fragrances used
  • Not tested on animals


Malta natural foods

Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Diet Means:

  • No genetically modified ingredients
  • No harmful additives or preservatives
  • Whole grain and the least possible processing
  • Organic food


Malta health shops